Long Beach
lb = pound
I got to Pound State University.
Yeah, I was chillin' in Pound the other day
by Jasmin May 07, 2005
1. Poet that emigrates from USA an goes mad to the bone. 2. One who usually wants to emulate Walt Whitman 3. Man in a cage. 4. Nazi.
My english teacher is great: he´s a pound!
by Wilson January 28, 2004
Not a "nickel and dimer's" amount of Dank; "Chronik"; Bud or "Dozziah"
dem botches don't know shit 'bout no Timin'; MADD PROPS 2 E-Feezee
by RialB_D June 14, 2003
Some type of firearm, almost always a pistol or revolver.
50 Cent: Tres-pound in da house!
by cpio September 10, 2004
a term used to describe lower ball/breast sweat (LBS, as in short for pounds) in an innocuous fashion.
We were outside for gym today. Now I've got pounds!
by allesdoof May 25, 2010
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