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Not a "nickel and dimer's" amount of Dank; "Chronik"; Bud or "Dozziah"
dem botches don't know shit 'bout no Timin'; MADD PROPS 2 E-Feezee
by RialB_D June 14, 2003
a lark him/her self; someone who doesnt approve of the use of the word
uz guys..... WTF?!?!?! Yankee!
by RialB_D June 14, 2003
fuck that!!! RialB_D from da 501 (no, you little fucks in HS i'm not from Cali {figure it out}) is gonna call wordY'allword out. "Cigarettes"
Damn! I can't believe those little fucks in WPHS haven't put a definition for squares in here yet. guess that's not Cali Slanguage....
by RialB_D June 14, 2003

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