five dollars
let me get a pound
by klm9023 January 16, 2009
five dollars

p1:how much is the party
p2:its olny a pound
by tiggie August 07, 2008
A lot of weed.
Can I borrow a few thousand bucks from your six year old mother for a pound of weed?
by Negger October 20, 2003
A powerful pokemon move capable of dispatch in one hit.

Mudkipz is the only known pokemon to possess this move.
You encounter a wild mudkipz.


Pikachu used Thunder!

It missed!

Mudkipz used Pound!

It's super effective! Pikachu became pregnant!

Pikachu gave birth to Pikakipz.

They are horribly disfigured. You commit suicide upon seeing them.

Mudkipz winz!!!!
by HowTragic December 06, 2010
A measure of British currency, most en as a £.
My, £100 (a hundred pounds)for a blowjob? It's a tad steep?
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
5 dollars, five dollas
Yo lemme getta pound kidd
by Ladii Spyda September 24, 2007
1) To totally dominate your parters ass in anal sex.

2) To fuck insanely
1) I pounded Sam Newman's mom last night. She bled profusely.

2) I pounded Hannah and i tore a hole.
by jimbob March 21, 2005

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