1. Pound is slang complete swag fags and douches tend to use for weed.

2. To beat the fuck out of someone.
A) fag1; "Dude, let's go smoke some pound!"
fag2; "YOLO!"

B) chick1; "I'd love to that mother fucker."
chick2; "Oh I fucking know. I think everyone would love to."
by go.die September 16, 2012
the hit hit thing with the fist.

an alternative to a high five.
matt - "have you ever got a boner in a public place before?"
jazib - "yeah all the time in your mum 'cause it's a very public place"

a call that's pound worthy.
by DR.DREY. November 16, 2009
To pound is to do anal and fuck the butt hole as hard as you can.
Serg took a mean pounding last night, he couldn't walk right for days!
by South Block March 24, 2014
A common douchebaggery term used by a great basketball team(aka the goon squad) to describe any of the most daily tasks. It can be used as a joke and still be funny, but when it is abused it just makes you sound like a fool. It is usually added to a task that you couldn't usually "pound" yet it has been used for a while.
G.S.= "let's all go pound spa brewmie, haha yee brew"
G.S.#2= "hah yea brewski lets all pound hot tub with a bunch of dudes, yeeee brewstar, Let's do some shit like that."
by S3KSHUN 8 May 20, 2010
to fuck the shit out of some bitch.
I want to pound her in the pounch.
by sonicturkey March 18, 2006
To delve into or attack something voraciously
I pounded the entire first season of 24 last night, I'm so feakin tired!


I pounded that steak straight off the Bar-B-Q
I pounded my cousin after he wouldn't shut up during my favorite movie
by Ian Paull October 06, 2007
Regional. Hawaii. Pidgin English.

1. beat up

2. get hit by a big wave or waves while wave riding

3. to drink quickly
1. Ho, dat Sole got pounded by da Vietnamee kid!

2. At da beach today, no can handle. Got pounded!

3. Eh, just pound dat beah!
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004

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