The post hardcore genre developed from the hardcore scene in the USA in the late 1970's. Post harcore is based on the same structure as hardcore but with a few added creations such as beatdowns, blast beats and breakdowns.

The beatdown consists of a standard 4/4 rock beat which is played with a lot of aggresion so the song feels really powerful and edgy, the guitars are usually play chords or moderatly fast picking during this part of the song,the vocals in this part of the song could be screaming or singing.

A blast beat is usually used a pre-chorus or can be used as an intro or build up to a solo. for a blast beat the drums would be playing double bass while the snare and hi-hats would be played alternatly or two strikes on the snare for every one on the hi-hat at high speed while playing moderatly fast double bass, the guitars in this part of the song would be playing very fast alternate picking, the vocals during a blast beat are usually a very deep scream or roar.

In post hardcore the breakdown is probably the most powerful part of the song because this is generally the heaviest part. In a breakdown the drums would slow down into half time or even slower and would play a pattern on the bass drum usually with a lot of double which can be fast or slow which the guitarists would follow, the guitarists would follow the double bass pattern playing palm muted notes on the lower strings to make it really heavy. The vocals in a break down tend to go from a period of low screams to a period of higher screams which may be done by the one vocalist or going between two vocalists.

Some bands in this genre are
Here are some good post hardcore bands: I Killed The Prom Queen, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, Bleeding Through, Every Time I Die, Bring Me The Horizon, August Burns Red, All Shall Perish
by Toby Savin September 04, 2007
Originally a broader,more experimental offshoot of Hardcore Punk,but closer under the umbrella of 'Indie-rock',it traces its roots back to the time of the Revolution Summer (1985) when bands such as Rites of Spring and Gray Matter helped establish this genre along with the then,barely-coined ''emocore'' (which is why today,people still like to say that Post-Hardcore is 'emo',even if they don't even know these bands).
Soon enough,more Post-Hardcore bands were formed,such as the highly influencal Fugazi,Nation of Ulysses,Jawbox and Shudder to Think.
Many bands took influence from the 'noise rock' sound from Sonic Youth and Big Black.

As the 90's approached,post-hardcore found its way to a wider audience,with Quicksand and Drive Like Jehu signing to major labels and Fugazi still influencing bands by the masses.
Then came Hot Water Music,Cursive,and Small Brown Bike.
More bands formed towards the end of the nineties including the highly energetic At The Drive-in,Thursday and the Blood Brothers.

It then became bad.Horrible bands with horrible pig snorted screaming were crawling their way onto the cover of Kerrang! Magazine.
Enter Shikari,Alesana,Silverstein,The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,Hawthorne Heights and From First To Last were obsessed over by 13 year olds and marketed as 'emo'.
The only good thing left was Thursday.

Its sad really.What mainstream did to destroy Emo,Indie Rock,Post Hardcore,Screamo,and Pop punk...
Teacher : So,Freddie,tell us what music are you into?

WannabePoser (freddie) : xHardXcorex,Emo...POST-HARDCORE

Teacher : ???

WP : Its like kinda hardcore metal stuff with totally rad screaming.

Teacher : Hmmm....Sounds very underground!

WP : Yeh,only the cool skater emo people like me listen

to it.Its not really on MTV,so yeh it's definitely underground.

Post-Hardcore expert : *sniggers* Oh my god!

Teacher : I'm Sorry??

P-HE : Dude you really need to learn the facts,Kerrang! is getting you brainwashed man,that screaming isn't rad it's unemotional and a headache!
They only get you listening to them 'cause THEY says its cool and 'cause they straighten their hair.As you can see Cedric Bixler-Zavala NEVER straightened his hair!!

WP : Cedric Bixler Who??

PHE : Oh My God!! Frontman of the LEGENDARY post-hardcore band,AT THE DRIVE-IN!!

WP : Post-Hardcore? Are They Good?

PHE : Better than your trash.
We're Talking, Drive Like Jehu!! Husker Du!! Jawbox!! Cap'n Jazz!!

And there 'aint no 'shit' in FUGAZI!!! except for the 'I'

Teacher : Will You Please Calm Down!!

P-HE : I can't unwind until i listen to Unwound!!!

WP : Who???

P-HE : *Screams Geoff Rickley-esque scream*
by SDRErule August 15, 2009
It all starts with punk rock, see, and rock 'n roll. From rock 'n roll spawned a style of music called "hard rock" which is basically rock 'n roll but deeper. When hard rock is blended with punk rock, we get hardcore rock which essentially pre-emo punk rock with heavier rhythms. Also spawning from rock 'n roll and classical music we get metal. Now, when we blend hardcore with metal, we get "metalcore" which is hardcore but with harmony elements and the occassional guitar solo. Now it gets complicated. When we blend hard rock with metal, we get thrash metal. If we take thrash metal, add some more emo and myspace, and blend it with hardcore rock, we get "post hardcore" which can very very easily be confused with screamo. The main difference between post hardcore and screamo is that in post hardcore, the singer still "sings" but doesn't go into a crying fit at some point during the song. Now, there is one more style that is left un-discussed. A style called "hXc'mo" (prounounced "aytch ex see mo". I'm not quite sure, but I think that hXc'mo is the product of blending screamo and post hardcore...that's the only logical way I can figure this shit out.
Classifying post hardcore and all these other genres was a real pain.
by Sceir January 05, 2006
Euphemistic term for emo.
Emo: "No, I don't listen to mallcore emo, I listen to post-hardcore..."
by _fraek April 17, 2010
Post-hardcore, as the name might suggest, is a musical offshoot of the hardcore punk movement. The earliest appearances of the genre were in Washington, D.C. in the mid- to late-1980s (see the era's releases on Dischord Records, for example), though it was not widely known until the early 1990s. Post-hardcore, as a musical genre, is marked by its precise rhythms and loud guitar-based instrumentation accompanied by vocal performances that are as often sung as whispered or shouted. The genre has developed a unique balance of dissonance and melody, in part channeling the loud and fast hardcore ethos into more measured, subtle forms of tension and release. It shares with its hardcore roots an intensity and social awareness as well as a DIY punk ethic, yet eschews much of the unfocused rage and loose, sometimes amatuerish musicianship of punk rock.

Side note: Everyone bitches about My Chemical Romance being 'emo' but MCR fits more into the Post-Hardcore catogory than anything.
Some cool post-hardcore bands are: Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Moss Icon and Jimmy Eat World
by MCR Forever! February 25, 2006
A. A genre of punk rock based in hardcore, but more experimental. Has a lot in common with emo, but less introspective.

B. A word scene kids who don't even know who fugazi was use to describe their music
A- "At the drive-in is a pretty good post-hardcore band."

B- trendy kid: "Chiodos is a good post-hardcore band."
punk kid: "fuck you."
by leonardkoehn July 30, 2008
A musical genre that often goes hand in hand with screamo, metalcore and hardcore punk. A main feature of the genre is the contrast of melodic and/or emotional singing with screaming, and sometimes other vocal styles, like whispering, yelling, etc. Fast-paced hardcore/thrash metal guitar riffs and high-pitched, heartfelt melodies are another example of the contrast commonly used within this genre. Kind of like a mixture of emo and thrash.
Some good examples of post-hardcore are:
From Autumn to Ashes
My Chemical Romance (on their first album)
Haste the Day
Post-Hardcore evolved from hardcore punk.
by Pieces Mended April 23, 2007
a genre of music that is much like hardcore. it has a different style though, where it will be heavy then have a melodic breakdown.Also they scream much more than hardcore. Newer hardcore screams to but people who only like oldschool hardcore say thats fake hardcore.SO,post-hardcore consists of poety like lyrics, melodic break downs, emo choruses, and usually a emo-scene crowd.
some post-hardcore bands
off the top of my head:

fear before the march of flames
new underoath
scary kids scaring kids
older from autumn to ashes

by robertolololeft ear June 13, 2006
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