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Bixler is defined as a girl who is a pure beast. she can beat up any body she wants to in sports. a bixler also is also a women who is nice and loveable. She is always goofy and loveable.
That Bixler just beat your ass in that football game.
by BixBeast May 06, 2008
16 2
A very weird kid who wants to hump your dead body dry
Oh crap Bixler is following us again......
by bix8379875943583459834588 September 24, 2008
7 10
A Crazy Mother Fucker who Runs around like a lunatic. Comes Straight out of Compton. Is One who likes to Go Crazy and has no regard for anything at all. Likes to be the insane party king.
Theres someone pulling a bixer or Damn he looks like a bixler.
by MortyMort June 17, 2008
5 10