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Music that is as heavy, nasty and edgy as hardcore but not as one-dimensional and features exponentially less use of the words "respect" and "hate" in its lyrics and content... It has nothing whatsoever to do with Taking Back Sunday or Dashboard Confessional; defining "Post Hardcore" in such a manner displays profound ignorance of even the slightest notion of what constitutes this phrase's crucial rootword "Hardcore" and anyone providing such a definition that includes the above-mentioned bands wouldn't know "Hardcore" if it walked up and punched them in the teeth while wearing brass knuckles or if Sheer Terror was playing a live show in their mother's basement.
"That website all the emo-mo's and whitebelts whine and post pictures of themselves on lists 400 Blows as "Post Hardcore" - that's interesting, I'd call it Metal or Rock."
by MattFromVacationlandWhat January 04, 2006

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