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Originally a broader,more experimental offshoot of Hardcore Punk,but closer under the umbrella of 'Indie-rock',it traces its roots back to the time of the Revolution Summer (1985) when bands such as Rites of Spring and Gray Matter helped establish this genre along with the then,barely-coined ''emocore'' (which is why today,people still like to say that Post-Hardcore is 'emo',even if they don't even know these bands).
Soon enough,more Post-Hardcore bands were formed,such as the highly influencal Fugazi,Nation of Ulysses,Jawbox and Shudder to Think.
Many bands took influence from the 'noise rock' sound from Sonic Youth and Big Black.

As the 90's approached,post-hardcore found its way to a wider audience,with Quicksand and Drive Like Jehu signing to major labels and Fugazi still influencing bands by the masses.
Then came Hot Water Music,Cursive,and Small Brown Bike.
More bands formed towards the end of the nineties including the highly energetic At The Drive-in,Thursday and the Blood Brothers.

It then became bad.Horrible bands with horrible pig snorted screaming were crawling their way onto the cover of Kerrang! Magazine.
Enter Shikari,Alesana,Silverstein,The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,Hawthorne Heights and From First To Last were obsessed over by 13 year olds and marketed as 'emo'.
The only good thing left was Thursday.

Its sad really.What mainstream did to destroy Emo,Indie Rock,Post Hardcore,Screamo,and Pop punk...
Teacher : So,Freddie,tell us what music are you into?

WannabePoser (freddie) : xHardXcorex,Emo...POST-HARDCORE

Teacher : ???

WP : Its like kinda hardcore metal stuff with totally rad screaming.

Teacher : Hmmm....Sounds very underground!

WP : Yeh,only the cool skater emo people like me listen

to it.Its not really on MTV,so yeh it's definitely underground.

Post-Hardcore expert : *sniggers* Oh my god!

Teacher : I'm Sorry??

P-HE : Dude you really need to learn the facts,Kerrang! is getting you brainwashed man,that screaming isn't rad it's unemotional and a headache!
They only get you listening to them 'cause THEY says its cool and 'cause they straighten their hair.As you can see Cedric Bixler-Zavala NEVER straightened his hair!!

WP : Cedric Bixler Who??

PHE : Oh My God!! Frontman of the LEGENDARY post-hardcore band,AT THE DRIVE-IN!!

WP : Post-Hardcore? Are They Good?

PHE : Better than your trash.
We're Talking, Drive Like Jehu!! Husker Du!! Jawbox!! Cap'n Jazz!!

And there 'aint no 'shit' in FUGAZI!!!...er except for the 'I'

Teacher : Will You Please Calm Down!!

P-HE : I can't unwind until i listen to Unwound!!!

WP : Who???

P-HE : *Screams Geoff Rickley-esque scream*
by SDRErule August 15, 2009

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