When added as a prefix to a genre of music, means "with the fun taken out"
I listen to "post-indiecore melodic screamo," nothing else
by Jake February 26, 2005
{verb} -- To:
jott\write-down something onto a 'Post-it-Note' or lookalike. Can be either transitive{having a direct object} or intransitive{*not* having a d.o.}.
In English 9, I have to Post questions and whatnot on little stickies on the current book we are reading, 'The Secret Life of Bees': at least five per alotted reading(usually a chapter, sometimes two), with bonus points for more. Easy-peasy. But bothersome nonetheless.

When you find something to Post, go ahead ’nd Post. . . it...
by Victor Van Styn October 16, 2005
to behave as a post; to stand erect and watc the world go by
where the hell are they? let's just post and see if they walk by
by Anonymous December 15, 2001

The act of smoking marijuana in excess,or to the point in which you are on knee caps.
"lets got to Kone and post this rillo."
by Devinney June 12, 2008
To stand outside a coveniance store, asking people to buy you cigz, cigars or anything you need to be over 18 to get
1.Hey can you post for me today and get me a dutch?

2. I posted for you last week, its your turn now

by JRoll September 05, 2006
Extremely under the effects of the ganj.
Woah..dude..i'm so post right now.
by SOBP January 17, 2008
1. to move up and down in the saddle on a trotting horse
2. to move up and down on the penis of an erect man
almost there baby keep postin'
by anonymous January 20, 2004
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