Often used when someone says something stupid or says a dumb joke. The word Gravy which is said by someone else to complete Post. When Not Gravy is used that means that the person who gave the post shouldn't have gave it which means that is was probably not necessary
yo momma so fat she played pool with the planets..... POST....Gravy!!
by josh henderson May 16, 2006
Poop Outside Street Thug developed through the roots of Aplusimus Maximus.
in 15th century england, ravi grant and zeeyad were straight chillin when a street thug came we told him to POOP OUTSIDE STREET THUG. then the thug said why didnt you just tell me to POST up?
by zeyad,ravi,grant April 13, 2005
in computers, the most elite; more elite than any other; above all in eliteness
"Thats so post!"
"Thats not just John, that's Post"
by Christopher June 20, 2004

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