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The day that all the seniors in high school skip school and go else where.
When is senior skip day?
by Pendiddy April 27, 2006
Also known as "Possum Wampin," "Possum Stompin" or "Possum Beatin"The act of getting a few people around, going out driving on a back country roads at about midnight or so, attempting to find, and kill, these useless rodent creatures called Opossums(possums). These creatures are commonly found wandering on the road licking the salt left on the road after winter and so early spring is the best time of year to carry out this game. Once the group of possomers comes across a possum, everyone jumps out of the vehicle and runs after the animal to surround it and the carry out the execution. They are not fast animals at all, have no natural predators, are mostly diseased, and are always found on the road flattened with their guts hangin out. And so the small game of "Possuming" has been created. Possums are usualy killed by baseball bats, pick handles, guns, chains, vehicles, and things of that sort.
Hey guys wanna go out "possuming" tonight?
by Pendiddy April 27, 2006
Things Needed: A car that u can get dirty, 2 or more people, cheap soda.

Canning is a game in which you take cheap soda cans(unopened), and throw them at road signs/mailboxes/similar objects while driving by. The idea is to go to some place that you can purchase large amounts of very cheap soda. We normally purchase about 5-8 2Liters for 50cents a piece, and between 2-4 cases of soda cans for one night. This will last about 30 min +/-. The idea is to hit roadsigns, etc. while driving down backroads preferably so theres less trouble of gettin caught. Another thing to do is to take the 2Liters and throw them in front of the moving vehicle on a straight away. there is normally a mixture of reactions with this. sometmes if u dont shake the soda it will hit the road and rocket in front of u because of the pressure inside, sometimes they will just explode.
Hey guys wanna go canning tonight?
by Pendiddy April 27, 2006

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