people of higher status in high school than a non-popular.
the populars are usally chavs or chavettes with almost no personality at all.
they usally ignore or pick on anyone under their level of popularity.
*that cruel evil bitch is a popular*
*i hate populars they deserve to all die*
*i wish i was a popular*
by bretty lad June 24, 2005
this word is often misused and has negative connotations. in reality, popular (when referring to a person) is when someone is very well liked and has a lot of genuine friends, most likely because they are a nice/friendly person. However, through the media and highschools around america, "popular" has grown to describe a certain group of people. these people, like punks, nerds, etc. have their own social code, which usually (but not always) includes expensive items/services, sports teams, and cheerleading. These people are not necessarily popular, yes some of them genuinly are well liked and have lots of friends becuase they too (gasp) are nice people. but some of them unfortunately are under the false impression that they are better than everyone else because of their possesions and friends/boyfriends/girlfriends, (who to these people also count as possesions).
girl 1: wow, have you ever noticed how many friends karen has? She's really popular
girl 2: i know, i hang out with her at the skatepark, she's really nice. She does a lot of activities, she must a lot of friends through them.

guy 1: how'd u get all that work done?
guy 2: oh, Robby helped me last night
guy 3: oh yeah he's really smart
guy 4 (just joined convo): who, robby? he's awesome, good tennnis player too, helped me with my serve.
guy 5: that dude's friggin' hilarious
by thatswicked April 20, 2006
A group of bitchy, mean girls and perverted boys in a school. They all like to dress the same, get high, and fuck each other. Love wearing sweat pants, putting their hair in retarted ways, and wear make up like skanks. They think they're rebel when they do nothing truely outrageous. Stupid as hell. They pick fights with people deemed "unpopular" because they hate how those kids are real. HORRIBLE at making insults. Talk about everyone behind their backs. Not really liked by anyone, they are just used and thrown away.
Sam is such a bitch, she must be popular.

Isn't that slut up there popular?
by Hate Or Love March 26, 2009
The bitches in a school that everyone hates. They are two timing low class sluts. They like to wear clothes from faggy stores like American Eagle or Hollister. They sleep around and spread rumors. They downcast all who they think are 'unpopular' when all those kids do is be themselves. I for one am not popular, but at least I'm realer than those cheap ass skanks. I'm not a nerd, I'm a metalhead. Populars make fun of me, and you know what I do? I FUCK THEM UP, physically and mentally. They have NO power, they are weak as shit, and their insults suck. They were WAAAY too much make up, and they can't get stereotypes right. I'M NOT FUCKING EMO, YOU WANNABE PORN STAR! They have no life, and to all who think I'm just jealous, I'm not. I'm hotter than the populars. And to all who side with those retarted populars, don't say anything about us, you don't know us at all. We do, however, know you. We can analyze you, predict your every move, and we know what pisses you off, even if we don't talk to you. I never want to be a pot smoking, slutty ass, make up wearing, skimpy dressing, NO LIFE popular.
That girl is a major slut so she must be popular.

Those lame populars don't know that I'm going to kick thier asses.

Those populars started rumors about me, so I'm going to terrorize them until they learn. >=(
by MeNotYouHA!!! March 26, 2009
Popular people are the people that everyone hates but for some reason will be damned to hell if they admit it.
They are usually rude and arrogant to people outside their friendship group.
They are so conceited that they think people love them, when actually people hate them.
If anyone tries to stand up to the popular kids, they are usually rejected from society.

The good thing about being unpopular, is that you re guaranteed success, because you learn to be strong, streetwise, and you learn the value of REAL friends. In a couple of years time you will be laughing at the 'popular' people that made you feel like crap, because they will be alone, with a shit job, wishing they had never gotten involved with people who only associate with people of equal or higher social status.
popular person: "we are SO good!'
normal person: "i wish those kids would fuck off die"
by voice398403892 February 13, 2009
Someone who is liked by many and/or smart and/or sporty. Popular people like to dress with the day, being new and modern.
Despite regular superstitions, there is not usually only one group. There are many.
They are not sluts or the first to lose their virginity in school. They don't say the word 'like' every other word. Most are average to smart and mostly enjoy everybody's presence except people who feel they are 'targeted' and are unfair to them.

Movies such as Mean Girls are untrue and stupid. They portray popular people as stupid, slutty, bitches who always diss other people who are 'fat' or 'nerdy'.

In conclusion, popular people can sometimes be mean. But don't you go around saying "OmG TH3Y aRe lIEk CALlIng Me PhAt!!!1!!!111 leTS H@+3 tEHM 4EvER!!!11!11one"
Person 1: Oh, I love Anne!
Person 2: I dunno, shes a popular...
Person 1:...*sigh* And have you ever, I dont know, met Anne?
Person 2: No...
Anne: Hey guys! What to hang out after school with some of my buddies?
Person 2: No way! Ur liek a popular!!11!one
Person 2: Whatever. Im going cuz shes unbeleiveably nice and smart and funny. Cya.
by Aztec the popular January 15, 2009
A word whose roots are shared with population, populous, populace, which all refer to people. Popular directly means to be with or of the people; to be liked by many people. This meaning seems to have been twisted by the media and cultural overtones, and is now used commonly as a sort of derogatory adjective. This usage seems to be linked to our own self-conciousness; of our question of our own "popularity." Do people like me? The idea that we are not liked, which from one time or another is thought by all people, puts a negative connotation over this word. Whatever we desire, but cannot have, we hate. When we put a negative connation on the word, it then must be justified. The pure fact that we aren't what the word is and therefore dislike it is not enough for our complicated, social minds. We justify the word's negative connotation and our own belief in our lack of its presence in us - our own unpopularity - by adding negative concepts to its meaning. 1) That popular people are snobby, rich, cruel, apathetic, prideful and many other things that we are not - that we don't want to be. But really all popular, by its Latin roots, means is liked by people. 2)Therefore, we are all popular, we are all liked by at least one person, and most of us are liked by many, more than we sometimes realize.
1) Ugh! Look at that bitchy snob! "I'm captain of the cheerleading squad." I wish that popular whore would go to hell!

1 A) Person 1 - I'm such a loser, nobody likes me... (sob)
Person 2 - Are you serious? You are the most popular girl I know! You are so nice and friendly, you are a sweetheart to everyone, even when other people are mean. People adore you.
Person 1 - You really think so?
Person 2 - Of course! Besides, your my best-friend, so your definitely not a loser in my books! :)
Person 1 - :)

by Dictionaree October 29, 2005

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