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A statement intended to damages the mind of another; a hurtful statement
Student 1 - Hey! Quit eating the twinkies fat-ass!

Student 2 runs off sobbing

Teacher, who saw everything, rushes over to student 1

Teacher - I will be reporting you to the disciplinarian!Derogatory statements like that are completely inappropriate in this instititution and anywhere else. Come with me immediately!
by Dictionaree October 29, 2005
The intended meaning of a word by the user
His connotation of cool was very different from the foriegn exchange student's understanding as "
lack of heat."
by Dictionaree October 29, 2005
A word whose roots are shared with population, populous, populace, which all refer to people. Popular directly means to be with or of the people; to be liked by many people. This meaning seems to have been twisted by the media and cultural overtones, and is now used commonly as a sort of derogatory adjective. This usage seems to be linked to our own self-conciousness; of our question of our own "popularity." Do people like me? The idea that we are not liked, which from one time or another is thought by all people, puts a negative connotation over this word. Whatever we desire, but cannot have, we hate. When we put a negative connation on the word, it then must be justified. The pure fact that we aren't what the word is and therefore dislike it is not enough for our complicated, social minds. We justify the word's negative connotation and our own belief in our lack of its presence in us - our own unpopularity - by adding negative concepts to its meaning. 1) That popular people are snobby, rich, cruel, apathetic, prideful and many other things that we are not - that we don't want to be. But really all popular, by its Latin roots, means is liked by people. 2)Therefore, we are all popular, we are all liked by at least one person, and most of us are liked by many, more than we sometimes realize.
1) Ugh! Look at that bitchy snob! "I'm captain of the cheerleading squad." I wish that popular whore would go to hell!

1 A) Person 1 - I'm such a loser, nobody likes me... (sob)
Person 2 - Are you serious? You are the most popular girl I know! You are so nice and friendly, you are a sweetheart to everyone, even when other people are mean. People adore you.
Person 1 - You really think so?
Person 2 - Of course! Besides, your my best-friend, so your definitely not a loser in my books! :)
Person 1 - :)

by Dictionaree October 29, 2005
The adjective form of interaction between two or more beings
1) The whole family is very social, they love to talk to eachother and to others.

2) He is a social outcast, no one will talk to him.
by Dictionaree October 29, 2005
Containing many people or inhabitants; having a large population
New York City is a very populous place - millions of people live there!
by Dictionaree October 29, 2005
Term used for two partners that regularly engage in anal sex, but do not share the usual emotional attachment of a standard boyfriend-boyfriend relationship.

Often used to describe two people who use each other solely for sexual gratification and nothing else. Usually this is a sexual relationship that still allows for each partner to seek sexual and emotional relationships with other people (hence, no attachments) but can rely on each other for a quickie or a booty call .
1) Whoa, I just saw Joe and Jim butt fucking in the locker room! Are they Dating?

Oh, nah, they're just butt buddies.
by Dictionaree August 12, 2006

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