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A great place to be!

So exciting, great food,
The people are very nice there!
EXCEPT the driving i will never drive there it is too scary, but seems fun to always honk!

Too bad there is a war now! Stupid Israels!!!!
If you wanna travel anywhere where would it be?

Of course Lebanon!
#lebanon #europe #food #driving #exciting
by Celinee July 23, 2006
You can be popular if you have alot of friends and they like you not just act like they like you. If you are nice and not a drama starter like in alot of junior high and you are funny, nice, and trusting then you are popular.
this is the opposite
Eyan: OMG Drew is so popular i hate him!
Celine: Eyan he is not popular not alot of people like him
Eyan: Oh ok.
#popular- when people like you #and you are known #drama- stupid people start stuff with you #cause they are jealous #trusting- alot of people tell you stuff cause they like you
by Celinee June 02, 2006
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