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judgment based on the complete stupidity and immaturity of a childish mind. a classification of how attractive someone is, how ignorant and arrogant they are, how stupid they are, and how many fake friends they can reel in and glue to their side.
many times seen in movies as a complete exaggeration, but still known in present day.
completely stupid. popularity should really be based on your amount of kindness and likability, rather than how fake and materialistic you can be. but it's not.
jane: "she's SO popular! she's SO pretty! and she has SO many friends ! I wish I were her "

doe: " you're kidding. she's wearing five pounds of makeup on her face, she's wearing a tight shirt, and she stuffs her bra with all the toilet paper she can find. she has minions, not friends. you don't wanna be her. "
by intherealworld July 09, 2010

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