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a high class girl who lacks mental capacity.
flaky on the outside, not much on the inside
#1 "yo who was that hottie you were talkin to last night at the bar?"

#2 "hottie??? lol she was, until she started talking. so dumb i cant believe she could walk and talk at the same time"

#1 " HA! what a pop tart"
by DCinc September 18, 2009
A boy or girl that is 12-19 years old. Can be used to refer to a typical teenager. The only thing that most kids of the latter age know how to do is cook instant noodles and pop tarts.
That pop tart doesn't even know how to cook and she wants to get married? What a loser.
by bigrigcalibear August 16, 2012
1. Any girl, usually a teenager, obsessed with being hip, artsy, or excentric, enjoys indie pop music and drinks redbull as a main part of her diet ; A girl who goes out of her way to be a "hipster".
"hey look at that poptart over there, shes such a hipster."
"she wont listen to that music shes a total poptart"
by Auoranaut October 04, 2011
Your father's new girlfriend.
"I gotta go. I have to be home to at 5 to meet the new pop tart. This is the third one this year my dad picked up from the secretarial pool at work. Skank, man!"
by geezitron December 09, 2009
Someone, usually a man, who is tough on the outside... but soft in the middle.
Megan: That guy seems so mean!!
Kerri: No.... He's just a poptart:)
by yourmoms...hot...mmmm June 21, 2009
codename for when a man gets a boner. said when a person wants say something about boners to a person or group of people but dont want another person or group to know what he/she is talking about.
man- "i hope i dont get a poptart at work"
woman (confused)- "they are giving away free poptarts at work?"
by canadianrocker September 28, 2008
1) An insult often used by Cami. There is no definite definition, the only clearly stated definition is in the Napkin to English Dictionary.

2) The best breakfast food ever. They're cooler than you.
1) Cami: You're such a poptart.
Person #1: ...What?
Person #2: Look it up in the Napkin to English Dictionary.
Person #1: Right-o!

2) I ate some poptarts, therefore my stomach is cooler than you.
by Cami (Is cooler than you) March 16, 2007