An act of fellatio during the morning following a night of sexual intercourse
Before she left for class in the morning, I asked her if she could give me a Pop Tart.

"Man, that was a hell of a night! I sure could go for a Pop Tart!"

"Honey, do you think I could get a Pop Tart when we wake up?"

There's no better way to start your day than a nice Pop Tart and a frosty glass of milk. Breakfast of champions!!!
by WorldClassic May 18, 2009
codename for when a man gets a boner. said when a person wants say something about boners to a person or group of people but dont want another person or group to know what he/she is talking about.
man- "i hope i dont get a poptart at work"
woman (confused)- "they are giving away free poptarts at work?"
by canadianrocker September 28, 2008
a slang word for e tard created by D.A.T
"Kay has turned into a DAMN poptart"
by d.a.t April 07, 2008
1) An insult often used by Cami. There is no definite definition, the only clearly stated definition is in the Napkin to English Dictionary.

2) The best breakfast food ever. They're cooler than you.
1) Cami: You're such a poptart.
Person #1: ...What?
Person #2: Look it up in the Napkin to English Dictionary.
Person #1: Right-o!

2) I ate some poptarts, therefore my stomach is cooler than you.
by Cami (Is cooler than you) March 16, 2007
v. to drop someone like a hot poptart on a cold, kitchen tile floor in the morning.

n. a person who has been dropped/broken up with
If he's going to be a douche the entire time you're together, poptart that asshole!

Its a weird relationship, but I'm still friends with my poptart.
by fanOFcake December 03, 2011
A good looking younger man under the age of 25 usually found out and about at he local bars and clubs and of course the gym.
Poptarts... they are made for fun!!!

Oh he is just a "poptart!"

That place was just full of Poptarts
by dmi443 October 28, 2011
double meaning:
1. the first being the greatest breakfast food ever.
2. the second being a rather sexual term used by the younger people of the middle US, meaing to blow your load on a girls face (preferably your girlfriend)
1. "dude i got them munchies that we all love!"- guy one

"ikr?! lets eat some muda fuckin poptarts"- guy 2
2. "man the other day i poptarted all over my girlfriends face."- guy one

"nice dog, i'd love to pop her tart"- guy 2
by strangewalrus June 05, 2011
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