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(1) A preppy female, quintessentialized at St. Lawrence University. The Muffy can be spotted with her Vera Bradley bag, coordinating accessories, and her upturned collar.

(2) The female partner of the Larry.
Sarah is so muffy, she dresses wicked well, and her Nalgene always matches her monogrammed tote.
by GreenMonter March 31, 2005
Another Australian slang term. Down under, it is a verb that means when a man gives a woman cunnilingus. (That means he licks her vagina)
"G'day, Scotty! I heard you, ah, gave ya girlfriend a muffy on the week-end, mate."
{Pronunciation is actually "muff-ee"}
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
your boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, your lover, your sweetheart, your best friend
Oh Muffy... I love you sooooo much !
#boyfriend #girlfriend #significant other #lover #sweetheart #best friend
by chutzpah girl March 17, 2009
Made famous by Panera Bread, muffies are made of only the top portion of a muffin, which is always the tastier part.
Unlike muffins, muffies are flat and thin and delicious.
Forget muffins! Muffies FTW!!!
#muffin #panera bread #delicious #tasty #food
by greenlotus94 July 04, 2011
Fishy, smelly, gross, nauseous odor of a woman's genitals/vagina
She moved out her dorm last weekend, and there is still this muffy stench in the room!

Last night I just couldn't have sex with this girl because of that muffy smell. Smelled like she went to the gym all week with the same underwear!
#muff #vagina #pussy #smell #fish #stench #vage
by Dementis11 September 13, 2010
A male buffawoof. A guy who fucks his buddy's girlfirend in the ass and admits his to next prey! plural: muffawoofeen
Eric fucked his friend Scott's girlfriend, Jessica,in the ass. Scott found out but didn't care taht his buddy was a muffy.
#anal sex #boofawoof #cheating #no remorse #brown shower #pathetic
by vogelicious April 27, 2007
The fluffy, foam-like covers on headphones.
(Also spelled as "muffies")
"Aw, my muffy tore."
"These muffys makes my ears itch."
#headphones #foam #muffies #muffs #muffi
by Cassie Thompson June 14, 2006
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