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1. A tasty, flat, rectangular toaster pastry sold in US, Canada, and UK.

2. A singer or entertainer who is long on image/or media hype and short on actual talent. Portmanteau of pop and tart. Often but not always directed at females.
Child: Can we buy some Pop-Tarts?!!?
Parent: No. They're too sugary.

Child: I want the new Britney Spears album!
Parent: You don't need to listen to that poptart. She's a bad influence.
by bigempty August 17, 2007
Fake ass Gangsta aka Wanksta. Looks hardcore from the outside but really a panocha inside. a sheep in wolves clothing.
you a poptart sweetheart you soft in the middle
by Speedy & Veterano August 18, 2004
A yummy taste of flavor put into on small Piece of food. Comes in various flavors and can sometimes taste weird if toasted up. 2 pieces of food put into a wrapper to eat for breakfast or whenever You need some food.
Person 1: I'm hungry! What is there to eat?
Person 2: There's Poptarts, Oreos-
Person 1:POPTARTS!
Person 2: Why do you like them so much?
Person 1: How could you not like a damn poptart?!
by Bobert the Balloon September 21, 2011
Some one who acts hard but is really soft like a pop tart is hard on the outside but, soft in the middle.
You're a pop tart.

He's a pop tart.
by cigarettecancerman February 18, 2011
1) A pastry that comes in a colorful little box, and can be used as a device to blow up your toaster and/or toaster oven. Also tastes good.

2) A deadly weapon that can be filled with many different poisons (ex: mercury), and given to "friends" for revenge...
"They should've thought twice about laughing at me...but now it's too late...I shall use the poptarts, and kill all of those bastards...insert insane laughing here"
by Kaomi April 11, 2003
One of the many attempts to create an N-word like term to describe white people. Essentially, whenever a white person is acting ignorant or foolish, or simply too white, one may call them a poptart.
Damn, theres more poptarts in here than a fucking kellogs factory!
Imma throw you in the toaster poptart!
Shut up you property-owning, money-having, child-rearing, cracker-ass poptart!
by poptarts anonymous January 07, 2011
used to describe those who are under the influence of extreme ditzyness and/or insane insucurities that cause them to act exactly like everyone els in the poptart population!! Often found gossiping about everyone(even their own kind)flirting or playing hard to get with every male that has a pulse, or making fun of random individuals just because they're different. Poptarts are usualy described as bitches or glowing angels.
WARNING: if one of the poptarts ever askes you to join they're 'group' be prepared to be sucked in, become beutiful but also a backstaping bitch, and drop about 50 pionts off your IQ.
Billy: Fuck, did you hear those poptarts yesterday gossiping about Amanda?

Gerry: Yah, i mean that sweater she was wearing was better looking than theirs so they just had to make fun of her, pretty pathetic eh?
by t-la July 29, 2008