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The amount of popping during the time a bag of popcorn spends in a microwave.
"Whoa, listen to that poppage!"
by waoosh November 12, 2009
Also known as "popular page"- when a photo or video gets enough likes to show up on the "explore" page on Instagram. The phrase is usually used in a comment on the photo as if to notify the person who posted the photo or video didn't know that their photo got enough likes to show up on the "explore" page. The phrase is usually followed by an unnecessary emoji.
"Did you see that photo BeyoncΓ© posted on insta?"

"Yeah, it was a pop page"


"Pop page 😘😘😍😍😜😚"
by Unda the sea January 29, 2014
when wind is exerted from a persons rectum.
MY girlfriend did a eggy poppage whilst having a crap.
by geoff 666 wizards sleeve July 04, 2010
The definition of poppage amongst some western/european families would call "porridge", poppage.(Loosely translated)

Also same goes with Oatmeal, as oatmeal is porridge.
Papa-"Have you finished eating your poppage?"

Boy-"Yes papa!"
by LivenDead July 10, 2008
when a woman's boobs are falling out of her shirt!
Wow, Kelly. pull up your shirt. there's some major poppage going on upstairs!
by Special K! August 06, 2007
To be kicked so hard in the scrotum, you feel as if your balls have popped.
After volunteering to be an example at the women's self defense class, I experienced poppage.
by Shaqburger July 01, 2003
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