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overheard on Piccadilly in London, seemingly meant to imply one mastubates or 'knuckles' compulsively.
"outta me way ya knuckler!"
by wax September 02, 2004
a heterosexual male, that while intoxicated or high, lets his wife or girlfriend insert a finger, usually the pinky, that when inserted does not go past the first knuckle on said finger.
you let her do what!!! lol dude your a knuckler
by Baab Himself March 28, 2010
In Ice Hockey, a puck that flutters through the air after being shot, often from a deflection, sometimes from being a rolling puck when it was shot. It was Russ Tyler's favorite shot in the Mighty Ducks movies.

Also known as a knuckle puck.
That goalie had no chance to anticipate where the puck would go, it was a knuckler.
It's Knuckle Puck time! - Russ Tyler
by WordMaker89 July 06, 2014
(n) the extra-ordinarily thick end of a shit log that you have to force out before the rest can pass comfortably out of your sphincter.
Sean thought he was giving birth as he forced the knuckler out of his sphincter.
by idontknowsean November 25, 2012
Someone who is Easy going and likes to have a good time, but at the same time will fight someone at the drop of a hat if they try to interfere with their fun-having.
"be careful about what you do, that guy standing over there with the beer is a Knuckler"
by big b-ran July 31, 2006
overheard on Piccadilly in London, 'knkuckler' implies that one might masturbate compulsively.
blimey, you're a knuckler are ya?
by anonymous September 02, 2004
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