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One who has sex with a fat person.
Yeah my friend fucked that chick with four chins, what a lardbanger.
by Shaqburger July 01, 2003
The feeling you get when you take a huge shit.
After eating twenty-five donuts, the shit I took felt turdtacular.
by Shaqburger June 30, 2003
1. When something is so phat, it cannot be described as phatness, phattilization, or phaticide. It has reached the level of phatitoodium.
I got this new sports car and it comes with a personal whore! PHATITOOD!
by Shaqburger July 01, 2003
Slang for shit/human waste.
Who laid this toilet ornament and didn't flush?
by Shaqburger July 01, 2003
Used by people who can't afford to say "bling bling"
Man that newspaper costed some serious ching ching.
by Shaqburger July 01, 2003
The fear of your shit splashing the toilet's contents up on your ass.
I had to take a shit, so I went into the gas station bathroom, but I couldn't go for fear of splashback.
by Shaqburger July 01, 2003
An abbreviation for 'Van I'd Like to Drive'
DAMN! Check out the bike rack on that vild, OH YEAH!
by Shaqburger July 01, 2003

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