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(n.)A term of endearment used between two people who are so enamored with one another that they do not care that the other one is stinky. Used in the place of baby, schnookums, and pooky.
1. Hey poopface, you wanna come help me with this crossword puzzle?
by Laurra May 16, 2005
the funniest insult ever. Was most common in elementary school, but was not as funny back then.
Sorry I'm so late. Drew wouldn't borrow me the car. He was being a poopface.
#joke #burn #funny #great #epic
by aquajerk/surly October 30, 2011
A joking way to make fun of a friend.
"Hey poopface."

"Don't be such a poopface."
#poopie #thats the only way to spell poopie #poop #poopoo head #poopsnake #poopieloopie
by Artifishalfish October 25, 2006
someone that has poop on their face
what the fuck is up poopface
by bradman May 02, 2003
Alissa Del Pezzo.
Joris: Hey baby!
Alissa: Gee, I am such a poopface!
#poopface #alissa #del #pezzo #poop #face
by mixeduptape April 11, 2010
Nick name for a boss.
1: As usual, poop face drank the last cup of coffee wihout making a new pot.

2: Poopface thinks his poop don't stink.
#poop #face #boss #idiot #manager
by Mr. Bear Man in Athabasca November 09, 2009
When you sit around all the time with a shitty look on your face! Like your ALWAYS mad about somthin.
Look at Keenan over there looking all POOP FACE!
#mad #angry #upset #pissed off #and disgruntal
by Bryan Dannenberger February 10, 2008
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