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(adj/noun) term of endearment and/or representation of someone being really sweet or endearing. usually girls say this to guys when they do something super nice
you are so pooky! thanks for getting us those concert tix!

he sent you flowers to home and work? that's so pooky!
by pookisan July 09, 2006
Soaking tampons in alcohol and inserting them, either vaginally or rectally, in order to get drunk.
Hey, after school let's do pookies. It'll be so ill!

Ugh! I think I've been doing too much pookies, for I am now experienceing anal leakage.
by Rhondall April 07, 2011
A Pooky is someone that is perfect in every way. For someone to be a pooky they must be beautiful, generous, caring, loving, smart, able to make you smile and be just all around amazing. A Pooky is someone to be cherished and loved as the prize that they are. Pooky's are one of a kind people and they should not be taken for granted.
Isaac: Alli, you're my pooky and because of that I will love you forever.
Alli: Oh I love you too but to a lesser extent.
by McManfred November 15, 2014
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