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(adj/noun) term of endearment and/or representation of someone being really sweet or endearing. usually girls say this to guys when they do something super nice
you are so pooky! thanks for getting us those concert tix!

he sent you flowers to home and work? that's so pooky!
by pookisan July 09, 2006
-An amazing person
-yer bffffffffff
-a teddy bear named pooky
-gorgeous girl
-a nice nickname
pooky loves pooky pookerton
by haileighxbby November 09, 2007
Soaking tampons in alcohol and inserting them, either vaginally or rectally, in order to get drunk.
Hey, after school let's do pookies. It'll be so ill!

Ugh! I think I've been doing too much pookies, for I am now experienceing anal leakage.
by Rhondall April 07, 2011
Pooky, name for a loved one.
Aww, look there's my Pooky!
by EvelynT July 03, 2012
1.The Filipino Word for Vagina.
1."What a big pooky you have"
2."hm.. what a smelly pooky you have"
by filipino grl April 05, 2003
A word used to call someone adorable.
Yo i just 'erica-ed' that pookies
by spel September 15, 2010
nipples that are able to be seen poking out of a shirt
Did you see Jennifer Aniston on Friends last night? She had huge pookies!
by poopshadow69 October 20, 2009