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What us geeks and nerds did before anyone else, back when they weren't cool, or 3d, or anything. Now, it's an international phenomenon helping us get fat, lazy, and girlfriends over the internet, with jocks as well as any playing stuff from halo to oblivion, wow, grand turismo, zelda, or anything else we all like.
Video games are the bane of human existence. And we will love them forever.
by Artifishalfish July 24, 2006
A joking way to make fun of a friend.
"Hey poopface."

"Don't be such a poopface."
by Artifishalfish October 25, 2006
An expression meaning: Wow, that is really, really gay.

Said by Master Shake.
Master Shake: That is the gayest thing I have ever seen since gay went to gay town!
by Artifishalfish November 03, 2006
The name for "Jumperman" the character created in Donkey Kong (Arcade). He is now known almost exlusively as Mario and Super Mario.

Named after Nintendo's landlord at the time.
"Super Mario owns you. And your mom."

"Yeah, well you're no Super Mario."
by Artifishalfish December 18, 2006
A way to say queer when it has been used up, a way to put in
variety in your insults that usually mean Gay, even if the victim is not.
"Ah, Qwer!"
"You Qwer!"
by Artifishalfish July 31, 2006
Please see Adult Swim.
I only watch adult swim because everything else is dumb.
by Artifishalfish November 06, 2006
Any basketball type shoe made high enough to protect the ankle, but usually nowadays refer to Chuck Taylors, by Converse.
Usually have no traction whatsoever.
Trendy Kid: "Hey look at my high tops!"
Me: "You got black ones... Jesus christ, man, get some other color."

Thug: "Yo, look at ma Reeboks!"
Me: "Sick, dawg."
by Artifishalfish January 18, 2007

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