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when someone shits directly into your ear. Named after one of the world's worst bands, as anyone with good taste in music would have concluded
Friend: What's wrong?

Me: "Owww, my ear hurts. I was listening to the radio and got Nickelbacked. IT BURNS!!

Friend: Yeah, I know. I've been there, man. Let's get some GOOD music into that ear of yours right away.
by aquajerk/surly December 22, 2011
the funniest insult ever. Was most common in elementary school, but was not as funny back then.
Sorry I'm so late. Drew wouldn't borrow me the car. He was being a poopface.
by aquajerk/surly October 30, 2011
A disorder characterized by one having the affinity to give too many overly-tacky holiday cards.
The last 3 Christmases, Jon sent me and everyone in the family a card which was composed of little more than the words "Ho,Ho,Ho." It is apparent that he suffers from tackycardia.
by aquajerk/surly December 21, 2011
the state of being "under", either passed out, blacked out, or both, due to excessive consumption of the recreational beverage ethyl alcohol.
Jim had no clue which of us drew dicks on his face last night, as he was under alcosthesia.
by aquajerk/surly October 31, 2011
A band made in Heaven and handed down to mankind to aid in making life worthwhile, particularly in the context of the times when it was. Quite possibly the best musical group to ever grace the Earth, The Offspring combine elements of Punk, Grunge, and Pop rock, along with intelligent themes, meaningful lyrics, and a very unique style. While this group is quite underrated, it seems to retain some of its "underground" air.
Person with taste: The Offspring kick so much ass!

Idiotic Loser: No, they suck. I like Linkin Park.

Person with taste: You should probably go and check to see if you are mentally retarded.

Fact - The Offspring eats Linkin Parks, pukes Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers, and shits Nicklebacks.
by aquajerk/surly October 28, 2011
similar to a standard cosmetic facial, instead using fecal matter as the medium on the subject's face rather than makeup, lotion, etc. A more thorough version of the Chocolate Mustache.
Joe got so wasted last night and was being such an asshole, that we had to give him a full poopfacial; the Chocolate Mustache simply wouldn't do.
by aquajerk/surly December 16, 2011
someone who drives Chevys, drinks Budweiser, listens to Nickelback, votes Republican, and basically does absolutely NO thinking on their own, at all, just does/thinks/believes what advertising/media tells them.
My sister just got her third Dachsund and of course named it a people name: Charles; total lame yuppie-wannabe. And then Carl just bought a pickup truck, and of course it's a Chevy, his fourth one, cause he's an "All American", like the commercials tell him. He also had Nickelback blasting when he pulled up in it, and had a case of shitty Budweiser beer in the truck. God, my sister and my friend are both such a couple of simpletons.
by aquajerk/surly December 22, 2011

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