1. To expel fecal tissue from ones anus and ones throat.
2. A combination of "poo" and "purge"
"I ate like 30 pieces of KFC last night, and i knew i was gonna pooge so i went to the bathtub and i was poogin' all night."
by Nate Schwartz April 27, 2007
Top Definition
1. The shelf of fat formed when a person who is overweight wears an extremely (or noticeably) tight shirt. This definition applies to the context of female obesity, only.
Her pooge shakes under that tight shirt when she walks.
by HitsuToushi May 20, 2010
The direct result of pulling out after anal sex, the penis is covered in a mixture of poo and spooge, or "pooge."
I fucked this filthy ass ho the other day. When I pulled out I had to wipe a ton of pooge off my cock.
by filthy spitfire March 26, 2010
An older butch lesbian who holds a preference for younger femme females.
Every time I go to that bar I get hit on by a bunch of old pooges.
by Kermit the Pooge April 24, 2006
The extra fat females get usually after giving birth that appears to be yet another stomach under her waist line. Teachers seem to have them alot.
by The Almighty August 31, 2003
verb. To srew up horribly. To make a nasty mistake.
Dude. You just totaly pooged the whole thing!
by Alex DeLand February 22, 2005
the semen from any male whose name starts with the letter 'p.'
"Were you with Paul last night?"
"Yeah, he pooged on me."
by splenda December 02, 2004
The definition to this word comes from the feeling you get from drinking too much 15p coke. Then when this happens you randomly say "pooge".
15p coke - get your pooge on - Tent peg...etc.
by Tom n George April 17, 2004

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