the semen from any male whose name starts with the letter 'p.'
"Were you with Paul last night?"
"Yeah, he pooged on me."
by splenda December 02, 2004
The definition to this word comes from the feeling you get from drinking too much 15p coke. Then when this happens you randomly say "pooge".
15p coke - get your pooge on - Tent peg...etc.
by Tom n George April 17, 2004
A noun derived from the word spooge, can be used to refere to for someone who get's his knob polished too much
Damn the guy is a pooge
by The name April 01, 2004
Someone with 99.9% good taste in men.
Sometimes visits Colorado (only once in a blue moon)
Enjoys cream puffs and mac 'n' cheese.
That girl reminds me of a pooge. :)
by Lizzerr slitherr January 17, 2009

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