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one who looks and acts like a nerd but does not posses the super-natural intelligence of a nerd.
"Stop playing Dungeons and Dragons, poindexter."
by Robbie August 28, 2004
a bookish or studious person(usually a male)
That kid may look like a stereotypical poindexter, but his grades in science are rather low.
by Light Joker February 16, 2005
the professer from felix the cat but everyone uses his name for mockery of nerds and boffins
sSomeone who has nothing better to do than homework
by wesley March 27, 2004
A super sexual librarian. Usually interested in high school aged boys and under. Uses body weight to suppress their will to say no to her dirty acts.
"God damnnit that Poindexter over there keeps telling me im 'gonna get wet'..."

"She's totally a poindexter. Rumor has it she smashed that black kids face with her ass cheeks"
by Ispeakletruth October 09, 2013
1. any person (usually a nerd or geek) who says useless random facts at random times (usually to random people because they have no friends)

2. a poindexter may also use his superior intellect to change a conversation into a lecture
1. poindexter1: did u kno that if each neurone in ur body was spread out, it would stretch 5 billion metres! thats long enuff 2 go around the world 5 times!

person1: erm, yeah,... thats wonderful! (fucking poindexter)

2. person2: 'i thort u sed windows 98 was faster and more efficient! with better access to the internet!'

poindexter2: it is faster, over 5 million.....

(i robbed that last part from southpark btw)
by doulikemyname? August 10, 2006
A male who lacks popularity due to his pedantism and quirky fashion sense. Usually impartial to bowties.
"Poindexter, when he said everyone was invited to his party he didn't mean you! Isn't there a book-of-the-month club meeting somewhere?"
by AbnormalBoy April 02, 2004
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