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a person who's face is so (naturally) red/pink/purple/blushed that it looks like a bell end

can also be known as bell end head
jonny's face looks like a bell end, that fucking bell end face
by doulikemyname? August 10, 2006
1. any person (usually a nerd or geek) who says useless random facts at random times (usually to random people because they have no friends)

2. a poindexter may also use his superior intellect to change a conversation into a lecture
1. poindexter1: did u kno that if each neurone in ur body was spread out, it would stretch 5 billion metres! thats long enuff 2 go around the world 5 times!

person1: erm, yeah,... thats wonderful! (fucking poindexter)

2. person2: 'i thort u sed windows 98 was faster and more efficient! with better access to the internet!'

poindexter2: it is faster, over 5 million.....

(i robbed that last part from southpark btw)
by doulikemyname? August 10, 2006

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