Heaven - god on a stick.
The members from ERHS's j-club fought over the last box of strawberry pocky.
by Alanna March 29, 2003
Overrated Japanese candy for tiny Japanese appetites. These people should just get a big bar of hershey milk chocolate for a dollar, but no, because that's too easily commonly available and isn't SPECIAL and JAPANESE. The only reason they like Pocky is because it's Japanese, and they trick themselves into thinking it somehow tastes better or is superior to Hershey, even though it's not.

Most of the people who eat this stuff are fat wannabe-Japanese people (see wapanese, which applies to other races than caucasians), and the pocky does not satisfy their big American appetites, so they buy like, 5 packs of it, for 10 dollars, which is the ultimate frivolous waste of money.
Wapanese Otaku: "Oshi desu!! Pocky, how kawaii!" *throws $5 at man for 2-pack*

Other guy: *Looks on with 89 cent 2-pack of Pepero* "Idiot."

Normal person: *Looks on with a 50 cent 1.55 oz hershey bar* "You people are fucking losers."
by Arch0wl August 08, 2005
a candy covered stick that comes i a multitude of flavors and taste great
Pocky taste good
by slaugtherpuff December 23, 2015
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