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Pork as spelled by a village idiot or buffoon. mantha
"do do pock."
by Martin Font March 11, 2004
38 21
Can be used instead of Cock
Paul: "You're a Pockhead mate"
by magicrico July 26, 2011
15 9
Pocks is short for Pockets (Jean, sweat, khakis, pockets).
Maryland Slang.
"I don't know if imma cop up, let me check my sweat pocks."
by MarylandBOI September 08, 2008
6 0
Used to define any sexual act that is deemed deviant or taboo.
Stacey: "Did you hear about Bob?"
Janet: "No, what about Bob?"
Stacey:"He's in jail now, he broke into someone's house and tried to pock their wife."
by spamproxy19 August 10, 2013
2 0
The act of imitating a parrot in the specific manner of attacking a person with your nose while saying, "Pock, pock, pock."
Dude, don't pock me. That's really creepy.
by justsomeguywhoeatswaffles October 24, 2010
7 5
a truncated version of the word Pocket that is undeniably more elegant, hip, and simple.
"hey you got a light?"

"yeah, one second, its in my pock"
by robertjames May 23, 2005
15 13
Similar to a poke, but much more severe. Commonly using 1 to 2 fingers. Usually administered in the face.
"I pocked him in the face!"
by Jimmy April 05, 2004
12 10