Chocolate-covered sex on a stick. Mmmm...
Oh baby, that pocky is sweeeeeeeeeet...
by bananaboy April 07, 2006
A cookie stick topped with different flavors (such as strawberry, chocolate, or vanillia). May or may not be better than a Nestle snack, but that doesn't matter, since anyone in their right minds should be boycotting Nestle anyway.

Pocky: A fun snack, and is only the primary source of food for anime fans at conventions, because that's the only thing the vendors sell besides Ramune.
Jasmine, Mandii, and Maurice did the wiggle for some free pocky at A-kon.
by Mimi December 03, 2003
Pocky is a yummy stick cookie, and is in a sweet dip!
Yummy! Pass me some more Pocky, Randy.
by Dude40AssWhole January 29, 2009
Jesus on a stick. Pocky is a confectionary treat created to enslave the world with delicious treats. Pocky comes in a wide variety of flavors, including, but not limited by, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Milk, Green Tea, Saki, Strawberry, and many more. Anyone who dislikes Pocky loses the respect of hundreds of millions of people.
Mom! I just saw Jesus and his name is Pocky!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jesus-Juice May 01, 2008
delicous, most scrumptious snack in the universe!
pocky, yummy, mmm!, great, sweet, chocolately
by angela dawson February 01, 2009
Adjective used to describe something exhibiting the property of being shit. Derived from POC - piece of crap
That progressive rock CD of yours is pocky indeed! Nah bro, your Nickelback collection is more pocky by half!
by Broletarian July 16, 2011
A strange supposedly candy-like "treat" sent over by the Japanese to enslave stupid Americans. Upon seeing knock-offs of the "chocolate cream covered biscuit sticks" in anime TV shows or movies, the Wapanese flood to their nearest Wal-Mart Supercenter and buy them for $.89 (yes, 89 cents). Curious dumbasses such as myself try them and find that they don't taste as good as they look. What is that stick in the center made of??? Doesn't look like a f'n pretzel to me!
4chan faggot (Anonymous): I founded new pix omg lol ^^ but it maketed me sad. I eat mai pocky stix now!!11!! DESU!!!!!!!!!
normal person who stumbled upon 4chan: WTF? you can eat a damn pocky stick in one bite!
by 4chan Obliterator July 12, 2008

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