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Pretzel or Biscuit sticks dipped in fudge of various flavors.

Tasty, but overrated and monstrously expensive for just chocolate sticks (Two Pack: $5 at anime conventions $1.99 atr Oriental markets). Mostly eaten for image purposes rather than actual taste by anime fans.

Not as tasty or cheap as Pepero, a Korean biscuit stick that is manufactured by Lotte.
Otaku: "Oshi desu!! Pocky, how kawaii!" *throws $5 at man for 2-pack*

Regular guy: *Looks on with 89 cent 2-pack of Pepero* "Idiot."
by nikkan_hanil July 02, 2004
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Pocky is a Japanese snack food produced by the Ezaki Glico Company of Japan. It was first sold in 1965, under the name Chocoteck, and consists of a biscuit stick coated with chocolate. Pocky was an instant hit among Japanese teenagers, and brought in sales of 30 billion yen in its first two years. The name was changed to "Pocky", after the Japanese onomatopoetic word for the sound Pocky makes when bitten, pokkin. The original was followed by "Almond Pocky" in 1971, with an almond coating, and "Strawberry Pocky" in 1977. Today, the product line includes such variations as milk, mousse, green tea and coconut flavored coatings, and themed products such as "Decorer Pocky", with colorful decorative stripes in the coating, and "Men's Pocky", a dark (bittersweet) chocolate and "mature" version.

Pocky is very popular in Japan. In bars, it is sometimes served in a glass of ice water. It also has a significant presence in other East Asian countries such as China and Korea. In Europe, Pocky is renamed Mikado after the game Mikado. In the United States and Canada, Pocky can be found in Asian supermarkets and the international section of most large supermarkets, as well as Wal-Mart Supercenters and anime convention dealers' rooms. In Malaysia, Pocky was renamed by the Glico Company as Rocky, perhaps to avoid a vulgar word in Malay with similar pronunciation. Pocky has recently been marketed in America by LU, a company of the Danone Group.

Outside of Japan, Pocky is fairly popular among Japanophiles and otaku (anime fans). Its constant association with the Engrish phenomenon and the oddness of some of its versions (like the "Men's Pocky" bittersweet flavor), as well as the several Pocky parodies seen on many anime/manga series, contribute to the snack's reputation.
Pocky is overpriced.
Pocky is good though.
by THE WORKOUT October 28, 2006
A thin bread stick dipped in chocolate, sometimes other flavors, quite popular in Japan.
Hey, are you hungry? I have some pocky in the cupboard if you need a snack.
by Newbia May 03, 2004
Let's's a biscuit stick covered in either chocolate or some other flavors. It's good. A little expensive, yeah, but it's good. Some people don't like it, but others do. Don't make fun of them, just let them enjoy their expensive chocolate treat.
What's wrong with Pocky?
by The Baggins February 26, 2005
Japanese novelty snack that comes in many, many flavors. Manufactured by Japanese snack giant Glico. Most of the "special" varieties are far superior to the originals. These special varieties are usually phased in and out, so try not to get hooked on one certain variety. Always something new and delightful.
Pocky, is a decadent treat.
by slyvren January 27, 2005
Delicious and addictive (yet overrated) snackfood. Primary source of food for obsessed anime nerds, especially at anime conventions (places you probably will want to avoid at all costs). Green tea Pocky isn't bad.
"I bought four boxes of Pocky a while ago, and everyone around me ate it. Aww."
by crono June 29, 2003
A Glico product from Japan that's a biscuit stick covered in fudge, sometimes with candy peices added. Some may say it's over-rated, but they don't eat more than one stick. ^.^

Rare to find in America, except for Anime conventions, select Wal-Marts, rarely-found Oriental markets, and eBay. If you're not big on Anime, and afraid to go to the Oriental market, but like the taste, try eBay, as they don't exercise slave labor, and have the cheapest prices just a click away.

The cost for a two-pack of Chocolate Pocky is just about the same as a regular Hershey bar, give or take 20 cents, depending where you go.
I didn't understand the hype of Pocky until I eBayed some. It's really good!
by teh ebil ducky September 30, 2006
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