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A common Vietnamese name that can belong to either male or female. Chau, or rather Châu (written with accent mark), means treasure and precious.
My precious Chau
by kickstarter49 February 04, 2010
A girl, that could only be what you dreamed off, listening, as well as telling.
A very sexy, and beautiful person ;) and a very caring person, clumsy, corny, and ever so lovely.

When it comes down to a rough day, she is there for you, and if its a rough day for her, you better be there to keep her happy.
LOVED much by a Nathan.

Loves children. Also usually rock, punk rock, or indie music.
Simply put, an excellent friend, a wonderful girlfriend, and i bet a fantastic wife.
She definitely is IN LOVE with you, if she says she is, but is one girl that will be making you jealous, because she has very many friends, girls and guys.

Not to mention, a pretty interesting imagination.
Dude, Chau is the perfect person to baby sit.

Chau, shes awesome i love her!
by Kribblez August 16, 2010
A word used at a time of excitement. A joyous exclamation, usually yelled.

John - "I just bought a bottle of Patrón, let's get Wasted."

Edwincito - ".....CHAAAAAAUUUUUUSSSSSSSS!!!!!"


John - "I got two girls coming over, one's hot... the other is..."

Edwincito - "Chaus?"

John - "She has huge tits, her face is uhhh.."

Edwincito - "CHAAAAUSSSSSS!!!"
by HiM4nos July 14, 2010
A vagina wider than it is long.
"Dude! I was fingering this chick the other day and i could get all four in flat. Thing is, i couldn't stack more than two on top."

"She's got a chaus bro. Paddle fuck that bitch next time."
by RumpusGrumpus December 21, 2011
The food left in your teeth normally from junk food such as doritoes. It combines the word chew and swallow which comes to Chaus
Man that frito chaus tastes sooo good
by chemmybear1451 September 19, 2010
– VERB (v, used without object)
1. to eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth; regurgitate; throw up.
2. to belch or spew with force or violence.
– VERB (v, used with object)
3. to eject from the stomach through the mouth; spew.
4. to cast out or eject as if in vomiting; send out forcefully or violently: 'The volcano Chaued flames and molten rock.'
5. to cause (a person) to vomit.
– NOUN (n)
6. the act of vomiting.
7. the matter ejected in vomiting.

Saturday November 8 2008, Room 233; late ME Chauen < L Chauāre, freq. of Chauere to discharge, vomit; akin to Gk csufeîn (see csuf)
I Chau -ed all over my motel bathroom this weekend. Pronunciation: ( /tʃaʊ/ )
by HotDamnTV November 10, 2008
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