Fucking sweet. Pipe is totally legit, like Slater on Saved by the Bell. It's bona fide like Mike Johnson. Sweet like Yoshi's power slide in Mario Cart. It's rawer than Paris Hilton and realer than Lindsay Lohan.

If you think you know, you have no idea. Pipe is bouncier than Pamela Anderson's boobs on baywatch, its truer than Barry Bonds on steroids, its cool like Vin Diesel in Tokyo Drift but hot like a pound of wasabi in your face.

If you're not pipe, you're nobody.
"Dude, you have a 64" plasma, an infinity pool, and a guitar playing midget!? That's totally pipe!

"That party was pipin', never seen so many hot chicks in my life"

"You met the Dali Llama? That's so pipe!!"

by Hasnain and Brint October 22, 2007
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Verb. The act of a male having sexual intercourse with a female. Sex.
I'm going to go out and pipe that broad tonight.
by Joe December 01, 2003
A relatively inexpensive and easily concealed marijuana-smoking device. Typically, Choof is placed in a cone on the end of a metallic cylinder, then lit and inhaled.

Pipes tend not to be the preferred method of ingestion for most cannabis smokers - joints and bongs are easier to smoke, and most pipes (using only air-cooling) cause the user to cough when burning material is inhaled. One exception is the Bud Bomb - a well-concealed air-cooled pipe with several filters.

Often called a 'peace pipe' due to the sense of tranquility induced by its use.
The boys were smoking a pipe in the park.
by Googles November 01, 2004
Fake ecstasy tablets
Test yo shit b4 u eat it...might be pipes!
by noozoo February 02, 2009
A device used to smoke weed with.
Hey are we gonna use the pipe or the bong this time?
by KF February 23, 2004
Arm muscles that are usually large and well defined
Check out these pipes (Flex arms now)
by Rob T January 14, 2004
A set of vocal chords; usually used to describe one's singing abilities.
"Mariah Carey's voice is awesome! She has an amazing set of pipes."

"Have you heard the new girl in our choir? She has great pipes."
by DKMG February 18, 2010
a device used for the smoking of tobacco. not only is the pipe the best method for tobacco consumption, it serves as a magical bond between all pipe smokers past and present. the pipe allows the smoker to summon any of the powers held by other pipe smokers, like the intelligence of Albert Einstein. pipes also smell and taste great, are a great way to relax, and are irresistible to women.
"i forgot to study for my physics final, but i smoked a pipe and aced it!"
by Curtsie January 09, 2009

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