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A small four-piece chrome pipe, shaped like a bomb, used to smoke marijuana. Sometimes known as a 'stealth pipe' as it can be attatched to a keyring, looks nothing like a conventional mariijuana pipe, cools the bud almost as well as a bong while hiding it in an enclosed cylinder for storage/smoking, and emitting little smoke due to its enclosed design.

Despite the seemingly excellent design and widespread availability of the Bud Bomb, few people own such a device due to its high cost, need for frequent cleaning, and the availability of cheaper, more convenient smoking devices.
I took my Bud Bomb to the picnic, got the munchies, ate more than my fair share of the food, and fell asleep on a blanket.
by Googles September 18, 2004
Bud Bomb- Weed and heroin rolled into a joint, or a blunt
Project Pat sparked up a Bud Bomb with the crew
by Bone Thug September 29, 2003
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