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french word for pipe, spells the same
also means a blowjob in france "une pipe"prononces""peep"
1) a genoux salope...fais moi une pipe.

2) pour 20 dollars, je te fais une bonne pipe.
by netlock July 23, 2006
Federal emergency morrons agency
an agency trying to provide help in case of emergency, but not smart enough to do it.

yeah what ever man....FEMA YOU!
by netlock July 29, 2006
if we are talking about united states of america, 3rd world is anywhere between louisiana and alabama
where even the federal and FEMA didn't want to come help
the 3rd world of america
by netlock July 29, 2006
generaly french for bitch, comes from the french "sale" durty in english.
in the french dictionary the definition of salope is "femme sale" durty woman
va te laver le cul salope!
go wash your ass bitch!

ta femme est une salope!
you wife is a bitch!
by netlock July 23, 2006
provencal world(southern france) meaning kid
hey mino! comment ca va?
c'est les minos qui jouent dans la cour
by netlock July 23, 2006

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