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pee in my pants
Dude you gotta pull over i'm about to P.I.M.P
by lexibabe2011 April 22, 2011
Josh Nerby
Dam P.I.M.P can throw a Boats & Ho's Party
You know that Josh Nerby
Thats his name? i just called him a P.I.M.P
by The RPD February 05, 2010
The best thing ever, usually combined with stellar to make something clearly even better than super awesome. Often used with cars.
Oh man that is one pimp! weinershnitzel, stellar!
by ShoesRBad March 24, 2003
a bomb ass menthol cigarette that is smoked by niggas....and also by white kids with good taste in cigarettes.

Also known as "pimps" but no one knows how that started.
That nigga right there done walked up, put his cheap ass cigarette out on his shoe and said yo man let me get one of dem pimps when I pulled out my pack of newports.
by twe3k December 21, 2011
A male version of a whore
Jack: yo man, he gets all the girls, he's like a male version of a whore.
Karl: That's a pimp...
by urman5568 February 04, 2012
Pussy is My Prerogative
I am a mother fuckin P.I.M.P!
by Chad Sexington December 15, 2004
person(s) in my pants
geraldine is one of the regular p.i.m.ps that i chill with
by joeoeowowww July 10, 2008