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A way to say 'like' but still show that your a complete moron who can't spell
liek omg that is so stupid.

Fred: I really liek her.
Tom: Well you'll never get her if you don't learn how to spell dumbass.

liek this
by anonymousfucker April 01, 2010
When you have trouble sleeping with or without reason and can cause unusual late night activity... Like writing the definition of 'insomnia' on UD
fucking insomnia won't let me sleep. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN?!!
by anonymousfucker April 04, 2010
A way to say 'you' but make someone sound Jewish wether or not they are.
Hey juw get over here.
I love juw.
by anonymousfucker March 30, 2010
In the prostotuion business the one who 'owns' the prostitutes or 'bitches'.
notice how the wise old pimp promptly slaps a misbehaving bitch
by anonymousfucker July 21, 2010

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