P issing
I n
M y
P ants

chunkylover39: And then i wuz all, "no way bytch!"
supahottie1: LOL that's krazyyy!
supahottie1: Oh BRB I'm P.I.M.P.!!!
by nickchik April 09, 2006
Playaz Illegally Marketing Prostitutes, Thats the tru meaning on P.I.M.P.
i need sum cash tyme to P.I.M.P these hoez
by CaptinSaveEm July 16, 2005
To p.i.m.p. means to: pee in my pants, no silly not MY pants but like the example below...
omgizzle, you guys i just pimped.
by i don't know February 22, 2005
player into making progress
snoop and 50 are p.i.m.p.s
by makaveli the don April 18, 2004
Perfect Independent Marvelous Playa
I'm a P.I.M.P.
by Fresh-L March 03, 2004
A person that treats another guy/girl like shit and they let them do that.
Snoop Dog at the VMAs with two girls on a leash. That was way too far Snoop, way too far.
by Sha-holler September 03, 2003
put in my pussy
what did u putin my pussy?
by master August 05, 2003

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