This is an acronym for ''Profit In My Pocket''. This is the true and only meaning.
I'm the pimp here so listen!
by Nicxtrem99 August 20, 2013
person 1 : did you know that he is a P.I.M.P
person 2 : why would you be proud of that?
Person 1 : not a pimp, but a P.I.M.P. a Proud Intellectual who is Making Progress
person 2: that is good he is going places
by Don Yo January 02, 2008
A male that wears purple and yellow or zebra striped things and has anywhere from 7 to 7,000 ho's never has personal relationships with them loves sex wine a Steve Wilkos the best ones are named tyler
Yo tyler he's a real good pimp his ho Nina sucked me so hard
by Mr.pimp May 24, 2014
pee in my pants
Dude you gotta pull over i'm about to P.I.M.P
by lexibabe2011 April 22, 2011
I got that p.i.m.p.
by riotkid3 November 18, 2009
Paid Indian Media Professionals
Some of the PIMPs biased coverage of favoring certain political leaders under the name of neutral coverage is something many Indians are used to.
by Average_Indian February 04, 2014
Pee In My Pants!
"Dude, we gotta go or imma P.I.M.P.
by dannnnnnnniel November 08, 2012

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