man who manages bitches
I don't need to work 'cause I'm a pimp
by bob August 07, 2003
private investegater of a mans penis
joey is a gay.thats why he is a p.i.m.p
by B**** March 08, 2005
An acronym for "pee in my pants". Generally used when something said is funny enough to make one accidentally urinate.
Used in close relation to "lol", "lmao", or "rofl".
"HAHAAHA, omg Victor, stop! you'll make me p.i.m.p."

"Victor's so hilarious, i might pimp! irl!"

"have you seen that video of the fat chick falling down the hill? that made me pimp"
by Kimbo McSlice February 19, 2009
Believe it or not--and I'm totally serious about this--the word "pimp" is used by medical students to describe something their so-called instructors/ mentors/ attending physicians routinely do to them: namely humiliate the student by publicly quizzing him or her on medical facts, usually trivial ones, with the goal of demonstrating the instructor's own magnificent knowledge. Etymology unknown.
That fucker chief resident pimped us for a half-hour on multiple endocrine neoplasia, the most irrelevant zebra on earth, with a big shit eating grin on his face, even though he's a clumsy surgeon who I once saw stitch through the adventitia of the renal artery. Dumb-ass.
by redhen October 31, 2006
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