person(s) in my pants
geraldine is one of the regular that i chill with
by joeoeowowww July 10, 2008
private investegater of a mans penis
joey is a gay.thats why he is a p.i.m.p
by B**** March 08, 2005
prostitute in my pocket
How Seirra is to Jonny
by Monika and Sarah Gelbach September 26, 2003
Poe-Poes In My Palace
I slapped a bitch now there's Poe-Poes In My Palace.
by B-Mann June 08, 2004
People In Many Places(as in hoes in many area codes:P)
who wants to be shared?!?!?! BE YOUR OWN PIMP!
by Jade May 31, 2004
player into making progress
snoop and 50 are p.i.m.p.s
by makaveli the don April 18, 2004
poop in my pants
I just pimped in my pants i was so scared!!!!
by smelly August 04, 2003

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