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"See you later", in ebonics. Usually said emphatically and in a high voice.
LaSheeba: "Nigga get yo' black ass back here and take out this here trash. And don't you think I'm gonna wash dat big pile of clothes for you, and..."
Cedric: "Later bitch. I HOLLA!"
LaSheeba: (goes on nagging not realizing he left) "Nigga NO YOU DIDN'T just leave when I'm talking to you, UH-UH..." (keeps nagging)
by Nick D January 16, 2004
I agree with you just said / I go along with the aforementioned plan
-Cousin we going out tonight?
-I holla!
-damn that new chick is hot!
-I holla!
by kingmarshall92 December 27, 2014
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