Softcore pimp - (n) - defined previously.

Hardcore pimp - (n) - a pimp who has risen spiritually and emotionally above his peers who claim to be "pimps." A hardcore pimp is the epitome of pimpiness - his wields the pimp field with frightening alacrity, accuracy, and ardor. He has no use for these so-called "hoes", or female prostitutes. He ordains himself with few ornaments, often preferring a feather and simple robes. They value life as a whole on this world, respect what is natural, and seek to improve humanity. The weapon he wields is the pimp cane, which is used often by softcore pimps who use it to bother his "hoes" or other people. Those trained in its use can channel the pimp force. In addition, when used for self defense allow a hardcore pimp to defend with such skill that few weapons, short of modern warfare, and penetrate his weave. For a softcore pimp to advance to a hardcore pimp requires concentration, wisdom, foresight, and compassion. The process takes years, often under the training of a Master Pimp.

The hardcore pimp is well educated, often with a Doctoral in Philosophy, English, or the arts.

The most common objects that he pimps are chairs, houseplants, and windows. These are easy to pimp and are ubiquitous, serving as a well from which he can draw the pimp force to use against runaway softcore pimps.

While I have used "he" here, it is used as a gender-neutral pronoun. There are as many female hardcore pimps as male hardcore pimps.

I challenge you to become a hardcore pimp - to seek knowledge and learn - to cultivate morality - to find your life's destiny - to be the person that you were meant to be.
He's not a hardcore pimp, I believe. He "pimps" his "hoes" and places himself above others.

Hardcore pimps use their powers for what is right in this world - what makes a difference - what needs to be addressed.
by Pimp Daddy O January 29, 2004
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Yo son, I am a motherfuckin' P.I.M.P. WORD
by Irv September 08, 2004
A man who beats up women and owns over a thousand sex slaves.
Jack: I know what a pimp is!
Billy: Okay then, Jack, tell me.
Jack: It's A man who beats up women and owns over a thousand sex slaves.
by Jack Skipper December 16, 2008
one who brokers the sexual favors of women for profits
This little pimp went to the market. This little pimp went home. This little pimp sold five women. This little pimp sold none
by Bungalow Bill November 27, 2001
1. Protection, Instruction, & Management of Prostitutes
2. Protectional Instructor Managing Professional
3. Prostitute's Instructional Management Professional
4. Professional In Management of Prostitutes
5. Prostitute's Infamous Management Professional
6. Professionally Instructing Many Prostitutes
7. Professional Illegally Managing Prostitutes

Optional, but not recommended:
*Professional- replaced by Pro, Player, or Playa
*Into - replaced by Intwined or Into
*Managing - replaced by Marketing

Slang: noun or verb
1. Player(s/z)/Playa(s/z) Interested in(to) Making Progress/Prostitutes
2. (Put/Place It) or (Paper) in My/Men's Pants/Pocket(s)/Places
3. Party In My/Men's Pants/Panties
4. Pissin(g)/Peein(g) In(to) My Pants/Place/Partner/Potty
5. Pissin(g)/Peein(g) In(to) Mouths of People/Prostitutes/Potty
6. People/Prostituts In Many/Money-filled Places/People
7. Perfect Independent Marvelous Playa(s/z) or Player(s/z)
8. Pooping In(to) My Place/Pants/Partner/Potty
9. Pennys In My Pocket/Place/Palace/Prostitutes
10. Put/Place It in My Pussy/Prostitute
11. Pussy Is My/Mens Prerogative/Purpose/Playmate
Real P.I.M.P.-Deals with/in Prostitution
Fake Pimp -Takes Advantage of/Abuses Hookers, Hoes, etc.
by Stephen Dias July 31, 2006
The people wearing the purple suits on street corners who use dirt poor women to get money. And later blowing it all on spinner's and gold lining for their three wheeled cycles.
Look at those pimps taking advantage of those homeless, middle aged women.
by LordDarik August 02, 2005
To make better, to fix up,
Pimp my ride, job, house, clothes, phone, hair, etc
by James February 09, 2005
some dumass middle school teenager who is as rich as hell and wear clothes like he's from the ghetto.Thinks he has he has hoes but the only one who he would lose his virginity to is his mom. Thinks rock is "for losers". Listens to too much 50 cent and tells everyone he used to live in "the projects". friends consist of a bunch of airheads who say LOL!! the whole time and his own dim-witted species
Annoying kid: Yo dawg i got street cred
<gets shot instaneously>
by GANJAMAN March 05, 2005
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