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When you hook jumper cables to a car battery and a girls nipples, while she she repeatedly screams "PIKACHU" as loud as she can till you cum in her vag. After, she calls you ash for the rest of the night
My girl was pikachuing so loud last night that Brock came to check on us.
by Bsmith343 September 19, 2013
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Pikachuing is when you begin jizzing on your partners face and whipping them with live electric cables, screaming "you do not have enough badges to train me!"
My Ex? Well he started Pikachuing me and I lost control of my bowels... so he dumped me.

No, me and my partner prefer Pikachuing to Donkypunching - I like the tingle :)

Everyone at the orgy tripled when we tried Pikachuing, Blastoising and Charzarding at the same time. Now the whole room is covered in shit and smells of burnt pubic hair loool.
by DirtyDozz March 08, 2014
When you are anally penetrating a woman and she has a sneezing fit, so you jiz earlier
"My girl started pikachuing last night and it felt amazing
by Nando1888 March 01, 2015
Another word used for chilling or hanging out.
L: Whats gwanning G?

M: Pikachuing
by The Dons ML December 02, 2013

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