to mean short, yellow, and cute
O MY GOSH, she's like a pikachu, short yellow and cute
by john ladder September 01, 2007
Prisoner of Man. Pikachu is the only one of Ash's pokemons that has not evolved yet over the course of years the show has been on-air. It is infer that Pikachu isn't allowed the freedom to express his true self and venture out into the world because of Ash's strict restriction he has on him.
Matt: Living at home suck when I'm going to college. My parents treat me like I'm still a kid.
Drew: That sucks man, but just be glad your not a Pikachu!
Matt: Haha, your right. Anything is better than that!
by Abby_08 May 17, 2009
Pikachu is the most perfectest pokemon ever. Can combine with squirtle to form squikachu. This is eminently awesome. OMG IT'S SO CUTE.
by IH8DaCubs22 February 28, 2010
1. A creature from the animated series Pokemon (Pikachus themselves are Pokemon). Pikachus are defined as yellow mouse-like animals, with tails in the shape of lightening bolts. They harness the power of electricity.

The Pikachu expresses itself through emotionally emphasizing the word "Pikachu" and various pieces of it (e.g. "Chu" or "Pika"). Pikachu is evolved from the pokemon Pichu, and may evolve into a Raichu.

2. A recurring character in the Pokemon animated series. The lead character, Ash, is given Pikachu in the first episode. He later finds that, unlike other pokemon, Pikachu will not enter a pokeball.

Pikachu is voiced by Ikue Otani. It is often conisdered the most popular character of the Pokemon series, and has become a well known symbol of the show.
1. I was playing Pokemon and cought a pikachu!

2. My favorite character is still Pikachu.
by Asellus Primus October 23, 2009
short, yellow and cute, often used to complement girls
cathy, you're like a pikachu
by john ladder September 09, 2007
When a female is giving a male oral sex, the male pulls his penis out of the mouth, slaps both of her cheeks with the penis so they turn bright red. He then pulls out a tazer and shocks her.
Bob: I thought you were gonna have sex with her? Why do you have a tazer?

Bill: I'm going to give her a Pikachu.
by ImprezaSTi April 03, 2010
Japan's Mickey Mouse
Everywhere I looked on my trip to Japan, I saw Pikachu!
by DCOgle July 27, 2014
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