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to get in trouble or caught for something that you did wrong
I got booked for skipping yesterday
by pear February 15, 2006
to get the hell outta dodge, running away as fast as you can
he booked it down the hall
by needmeduh December 07, 2006
Sentenced to a jail term.
Chris: "Watch out, man. I killed a man one time. I'll fuck you up."
Ken: "Hahaha. No you didn't, bitch."
Chris: "No I didn't. But my friend did."
Ken: "No he didn't."
Chris: "No he didn't. But he did get booked for possession of a deadly weapon...that means a GAT!!!"
Ken: "No he didn't."
Chris: "No he didn't. But he did get booked for possession of marijuana...that means WEED!!! That's drugs, man."
Ken: "No he didn't."
Chris: "No he didn't. But one time in middle school he got in a fight, and he won. That means he KICKED SOMEONE'S ASS!!!"
Ken: "No he didn't."
Chris: "No he didn't. But I'll bust a cap in yo ass, fool!"
Ken: "No you won't."
Chris: "No, I probably won't."
Ken: "Hey guess what? You're white."
Chris: "WHAT!?!? NO!!!" (runs away crying)
by Nick D May 28, 2004
Any moment "caught on tape" (pic or video) that is posted on Facebook.
That drunken picture of you just got booked.
by pRODIGAL1 December 23, 2011
Someone who is highly intelligent
Or Someone who is overloaded with work
"Ive got so much work to do" "Yeah your booked!"

"The answer is x= 5" " You know everything! Your so booked!"
by CeeyCeyy January 27, 2012
its Over, to end, ended, put it away, to end forever. To leave, leave in a hurry, to hide, to get rid of. Done, finish.
I am tired of this, just bookit.

Are you booking?

Lets book early.

She is booking her feelings for him.

What are you doing here, you've been booked.
He books early every time.
F'it, book it now!
Have you booked you homework?
by WmDave October 13, 2009
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