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Lord-willing. In other words, if the Lord is willing or if it is the Lord's will. See James 4:13-15.
This abbreviation precedes some likely but not absolutely certain prediction.
LW, I'll make it home in two and a half hours.
by wessleym July 15, 2010
"love weed", to be used interchangeably with any term for marijuana, but used in order to not attract attention to what you are discussing.. or to be used as a farewell at the end of a conversation between two weed addicts
Can you pick me up some lw, maybe a quarter?

Ok buddy, call me when you're done hitting that GB... lw

Man, Mark Mangino is fat as hell.. Yeah but he lw.
by lw the nose May 12, 2011
Lucky Win
In any competitive game where one wins despite percentages or inferior level of skill using luck
(mainly used in Poker)
Loser #1: damn we shouldve won that one
Loser #2: yeah man you gotta lw
Winner #1: Nah, I'm just better than you
by EmperorChaos1 January 27, 2008
meaning "Last Word" in an argument or after an online game has concluded.
"you're a bitch and I'm ending this conversation right now"
by Macktastikal April 11, 2010
LW stands for Light Weight. Meaning it has relative relation to someone of something.
You LW look like the tumbs from spy kids.
by Terminator209 July 11, 2016
laughing within. instead of lol
knock knock
whos dere?
boo hoo?
no need to cry
l.W (laughing within)
by HODGIE90 August 13, 2006
While having an intelegent conversation; to go in an illogical or nerotic direction. Perhaps to have originated as "loco woman". It is no longer gender specific and is used any time someone starts talking crazy. Not just a little crazy but totally schitzo
We were just talking and she went LW. Once he went LW the conversation was over.
by li'l buddy March 10, 2010
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