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The most important thing in the world.

To anyone who claims that physics is ugly, irrelevent, or that the world would be better off without it, who do you think invented the silicon chip? An arts student?
Without physics, you would not be reading urban dictionary online.
by intheflesh December 09, 2005
A form of science for nerds, although a different kind of nerd then those that enjoy Dungeons & Dragons. Considered the peak of science by those who engage in it, considered total trash by those who don't. Physics majors and engineers are permanently at war over units.
Who's that nerdy mormon reading that book?
Oh, thats the local physics teacher.
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
It makes us all its bitches
Without physics humans could fly, but, alas, we are all its bitches
by badusername99 October 30, 2011
The Reason for Everything and Anything. Usually Why you Fall down all the time...That and you're an Idiot. Or maybe just Philosophy with a calculator and a large battery. Either way it is there.
"Say wanna go play with Physics?"

*dropping things off High places ensues*
by AplChild January 26, 2009
The most pwn-inest, awesomest, rape-sauciest, ball-punchinest, ass- kickinest class in high school, college, and life.

Can be used both in life, and in video games.
Physics = mc squared.

Games: That 'nade and that rag dollin' is so defyin' da laws of physics.
by 7th. Period Trio April 23, 2008
simply put, the study of the relation between matter and energy
Goodrich can teach yo ass some physics.
by JT Dollar Sign April 14, 2004
An incredibly hard subject undertaken by highschool students who believe it will help them achieve great things in later life or, in many cases, to simply have something to brag about to their friends. However, it is often realised after two years of bashing one's own brains out with the incredibly thick textbook that accompanies the subject, that it really was not worth pulling those all-nighters just to fail the ridiculously hard tests.

Students often drop the subject after the sad realisation that they have the ability to calculate the centripetal force of their overall school grade as it circles the proverbial drain.
Physics stole my sanity.
by LoopholeTT July 12, 2009
The study of everything

'nuf said
I wanted to be able to understand the entirety of the universe so i did an undergraduate degree in physics
by DrFox777 November 21, 2010